2019Fulbright scholarship – doctoral program
2014Residency in Lancaster (UK) | selected by Dart Creative
2011Designpreis Neunkirchen | Special Mention for Batphones
2010Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2010 | Finalist
20095GUM Visionlab (Wrigleys) | Finalist with Batphones
2008YDMI selected as Young Professional 2008
2008iF award (concept) | Laureate with Piegato
2008BLICKFANG design award | Award in Silver for Piegato
2008lebens(t)raume 08 | Special Mention for Batphones
2008d3 contest 2008 | Laureate with Piegato
2007Marianne Brandt Competition 07 | Special Award for Piegato
2007TROIKA junior design award 07 | Special Mention for SQUEEZE family
2006Putzler GmbH | First Prize for Switcher
2006designparcours Munich | Laureate with Public Chair
2005Nominee for the Heinrich Hertz scholarship | Public Chair
2005Designaward of the Commerzbank Koeln | Laureate with Public Chair
2005aed Stuttgart - Neuland award | Award for Shining Guards
2005iF material award (concept) | Laureate with Shining Guards
2004Messe Frankfurt GmbH | Second Prize for Frankfurt Lounge